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Dr. Sheikh Hospital activities since 2003
Hospital performance:
  • Equipment and measures taken in the laboratory and radiology
  • Card device Elisa
  • Providing direct gasometrical system with ability of Ht and Hb
  • Reconstructing & setting up atomizer machine
  • Founding special section for doing sub specialty tests on patients stools
  • Founding separate section for doing sweat test for the first time in Khorasan province
  • Purchasing Auto analyzer machine
  • PCR sector commissioning


  • Computerized Radiology
  • Flows copy digital
  • Intervention measures (radiological) (biopsy, drainage)

ICU Section

  • Renovated and air ICU Renovation
  • ICU equipment system for the new ventilator
  • System equipped with a bed neonatal ICU
  • Create new unit EEG
  • Established central oxygen system in ICU
  • The central suction system of equipped ICU

Dialysis and Nephrology:

  • Cold Water machine-and-development of the section and 6 more sickbeds
  • Section added peritoneal dialysis and commissioning with Section Equipment Section
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Plasma Freezer

Internal section:

  • Rooms start BM. IT
  • Added chemotherapy unit - Outpatient Department with a computer game machines for children
  • Established and equipped game room for children
  • Painting and wall hanging to suit children
  • Equipping residents room with the computer system and Internet
  • Equipped rooms with refrigerator - TV - and the closed circuit system
  • Assigned a rest area for personnel
  • Purchased 2 syringe pump units - light rays - blood warmer - Shaker system
  • Purchased stretcher equipped with oxygen
  • Isolated equipment rooms
  • Purchase 2 wavy mattress

Operating room and surgery:

  • Equipped operating room system with advanced cutter
  • Purchased systems monitor
  • Reconstruction and renovation operating room to ventilation system
  • Equipped operating room to the central suction system
  • Purchased 2 new anesthesia units
  • The commissioning dental anesthesia in the operating room
  • Adding a room to the operating room structure and structural changes in the recovery
  • Adding surgical sets
  • Changing and modernization of equipment and tools
  • Strengthening CSR system in the operating room
  • Open Office Forum cleft palate and harelip
  • Purchased a mobile unit for autoclave operation room
  • Day clinic room and post ICU

Educational and research units and administrative buildings

  • Completion and transfer to Unit Library and equipping educational units
  • Start of Web site unit for promotion and transfer of information Site Map in University Hospital
  • Kitchen renovation and optimization of the hospital transferred to ground floor
  • Modernization and optimization of hospital waste disposal system
  • Transfer outpatient pharmacy to clinic location to ease the patient's
  • Transfer radiological and laboratory to level 1 - Building and Renovation to the new architecture
  • TV purchased for Radiology - laboratory and waiting room
  • Commissioning Public Relations for personnel convenience
  • Affairs Unit established in the hospital
  • Equipment storage unit ventilation system - computer and new cabinet
  • A permanent festival office
  • 24-hour Section on the second floor
  • Transfer Dental Health Unit to new place

Development Categories

  • PICU Commissioning Section
  • Open forum of Nephrology
  • Opening Speech Therapy Clinic
  • Opening of nutrition clinic
  • commissioning dentistry under anesthesia
  • Opening the skin clinic
  • Opening day clinic
  • surgical beds increased from 24 to 50
  • moving section of nephrology and radiology and laboratory
  • Designing operating room and waiting area
  • Performed in hospital pediatric kidney transplantation
  • permission to increase ICU beds from 10 beds to 16 beds
  • Development Emergency Section

Educational activities

  • Gaining educational points for sub specialty training residents in nephrology departments - pediatrics surgery, and pediatric anesthesia
  • Developing Library
  • Commissioning and equipment development of research unit
  • holding two children Server Festival Scientific Research
  • national workshop cleft lip and palate
  • earning degree of evaluation Serial for the period of 4 years

IT activities

  • Pacx system for the first time in the hospital in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
  • development and completion activities HIS
  • complete website hospital
  • office automation system commissioning
  • closed circuit camera system established in the hospital sector and all ICU beds
  • Establishment of Mehr housing cooperatives in the hospital with 130 personnel
Laboratory in Dr. Sheikh Hospital


Laboratory in Dr. Sheikh Hospital


Internal in dr. Sheikh Hospital


Internal in Dr. Sheikh Hospital


Dialysis and nephrology


Dialysis and nephrology


ICU in Dr. Sheikh Hospital
ICU in Dr. Sheikh Hospital