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Medical Center:

From the Hydrotherapy Clinic to the Pediatric subspecialized Medical Center

In the past, Clinic No. 2 was one of the centers that only patients with infectious diseases, patients with gastroenteritis, colds and pneumonia and …., and who had a need for water therapy and serum therapy referred to that and there was no news of chemotherapy, ICU and surgery room.

The clinic space was an integrated hall where the beds of patients were arranged and occasionally at night, Indian physicians visit patients and treat them.

Today, present pediatric subspecialized medical center not only provide specialized and subspecialized services to children and infants in the city of Mashhad and Khorasan province, but also in the east of the country. Today, the center which is equipped with advanced care facilities, physicians, elite specialists and subspecialist, specialist and specialized departments, and clinical and paraclinical facilities is working around the clock.

Clinic No. 2 is today a center that serves as a first-rank hospital with compassionate staff in providing services and not only is a health center, but an educational center that nurtures the children of this homeland, who will be future builders and specialist physicians.

Dr. Sheikh Hospital has 150 beds and includes the following departments:

* Subspecialized Departments:

Hematology-Oncology, Surgery, Nephrology, Dialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, Emergency department 1 and 2, Central Operating Room, Anesthetic Dentistry, PICU 1 & 2, Outpatient Chemotherapy

* Specialized sections:

Pathology, Radiology, Laboratory, Sweat Test, Dentistry, Urodynamic, Electroencephalogram, Spirometry and Outpatient Clinic.

Hospital officials:

Head of Hospital: Mr. Dr. Farhad Heydarian

Hospital Director: Mr. Dr. Ali Javadi

Matron: Ms. Hawa Abdollahi

Heads of departments:

Department of Hematology-Oncology: Dr. Badiee

Surgery Department: Dr. Ghasemi

Department of Nephrology and Dialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis: Dr. Esmaeili

Emergency department: Dr. Ataee

Department of ICU: Dr. Seyedi


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