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Dr. Morteza Sheikh was born in Tehran in 1907. After completing high school, he was accepted and completed his higher education at the Medical School of Tehran. His father was a struggling goldsmith. Dr. Sheikh also supported his father while attending Medical School. It was during that time that he understood the problems of the needy, and vowed to dedicate his life helping the indigent. Dr. Sheikh also supported his brother and three sisters until they completed their education and, like him, began their public service in health and human services. His deceased brother served in the military. Dr. Sheikh was dedicated to the belief that most rewarding career is in serving mankind, so he pursued medicine as his profession.

Dr. Sheikh became seriously ill and bedridden in 1973. The public voluntarily organized prayer sessions for him, and after his death, arranged a funeral procession in Mashhad that was second to none. He passed away in 1976 following the long illness. His passing left his numerous admirers mourning. His funeral which coincided at that time with the martyrdom of Imam Reza (Peace Be Upon Him) was elegantly celebrated by the grateful people of Mashhad. Dr. Sheikh’s funeral procession was further glorified when the procession of Imam Reza’s martyrdom (PBOH) joined his mourners.

When the provincial governor of Khorasan understood his died, he arranged to burry Dr. Sheikh at the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBOH) In the end, Dr. Sheikh’s kind services to the public earned him the honor of sharing his final resting place with Imam Reza (PBOH). The public organized funeral ceremonies for his supporters to bid their final farewell to the good doctor, and in the presence of his family. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the dignitaries, common people eulogized him as well.