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Web Site Unit:

Web site unit and computer of upper specialized medical center of Sarvar children "Dr. Sheikh hospital" has several activities as follow:
Software support of all hospital system, troubleshooting of hospital hardware simplifying supervision of hospital staff’s work quality. Producing of software such as automation of pathology, software of network camera, Medical commission of province and social working
Design and production of graphical sketches about different ceremonies in hospital like providing hospital introduction CD. In the second scientific research festival of Sarvar children, presenting different plans and its execution, different ceremonies of university such as suggestion of establishing stall and representing propagandistic presents and psychological plans for children, etc.
Web Site Unit in Dr. Sheikh Hospital
Web Site Unit in Dr. Sheikh Hospital

Designing website, necessary information are collected and then comprehensive study, research and examination for its conformity with CMS and designing proportional site were done for pediatric hospital. For this purpose, a versatility team was organized for collecting information.
Other activities:
Research and consideration of mother’s needs in fulfilling children’s health and designing contents structure (online survey, polling, news, etc.)
Studying research and designing electronic library system in the website. Establishing a database for collecting subjects and pictures of different ceremonies as a set.
Dr. Mohammad Esmaely
Dr. Maryam Rezazadeh
Mr. Seyed Hassan Ghandriz
Mrs. Maryam Amiripoor
Mrs. Mansoreh Afsharian
Mashhad university of medical sciences Dr. sheikh hospital web site unit