Hygiene Unit

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Hygiene Unit:

Sanitation unit of Dr. Sheikh Hospital has been active since December 1376 under the supervision of Mrs. Masoumeh Jamshidi, sanitation specialist carryout of ORT in ORT ward and emergency and clinic, control of afflicted patients to acute
gastroenteritis for controlling elthor disease.
Hygiene Unit in Dr. Sheikh Hospital
Controlling the contagious and uncontagious diseases in the hospital, controlling preventable diseases with vaccine,controlling diseases such as acute paralysis, tetanus neonatorum and measles, controlling the hepatitis vaccination of thalassaemia patients’ family, training the students of Sanitation University regarding ORT, ARI (respiratory infections), IDD (disorders resulting from deficiency of iodine), the way of controlling diarrhea and vomiting with using CDD chart, training mothers regarding the therapy of diarrhea of children with ORT method.
Training mothers about the importance of breast feeding and disadvantages of artificial milk and bottle and pacifier, the importance of complementary nutrition, family planning and distribution of LD pill, training the Thalassaemia patients about how to use desferal pump.


Control of afflicted patients to diarrhea and vomiting with OBT method since 1998 (12056 patients)

Hepatitis vaccination, affliction perportion, perportion of HBS Ab after vaccination

Age of desferal injection, splenectomy, degree of literacy kind of insurance and blood group

Death from thalassaemia

Incidence of Thalassaemia in different cities of Khorasan

Thalassaemia addiction in age separation

Coordination for hepatitis vaccination of hospital personnel

Coordination for sanitation training for those personnel who work with foodstuffs

Executive of sectional sanitation maneuvers

MR vaccination

Sanitation maneuver in the universal day of heart

Sanitation maneuver in the universal day of breast feeding

Personnel :
Mrs. Masoumeh Jamshidi sanitation specialist.
Mashhad university of medical sciences Dr. sheikh hospital Hygiene Unit