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Dr. sheikh hospital started his work in 1951 with the name of clinic number 2 with the purpose of treating contagious diseases in a land with an area of 5638/25 m2. With development of Mashhad and its population and near by Holy shrine of Imam Reza, founding one special center for children was one of the most important problems of those days. So, with the high effort of the charitable institute of Sarvar, clinic was destroyed in 1990, then a building was constructed in 1996 under the supervision of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.

Naming Hospital to Dr. sheikh:

Regarding good morality and his way of treatment for needy people, the hospital was named Dr Sheikh. We can mention his way of receiving money for the patient's visit. He located one bin in exiting section of his office so that every patient would pay as he/she could.

Dr. Morteza Sheikh was a physician who did his duty eagerly. His sacrifice and loveliness made the officials of the university of those days to decide this center to Dr. sheikh with inspiration from the famous poet of Persia, Saady, who said:

''O, Saadi, a man with a good name never dies ''

Establishing Sarvar Institute and its activities:

With the super attempt of Mr. Akbar Alizadeh Rad & spending personal expenses, several educational buildings in elementary & secondary levels and hygienic centers were constructed in the further parts of country specially deprived parts given to education & health offices.

After that, founding board that paid their cash gifts announced their readiness in the frame of charitable purposes. They tried to establish Sarvar institute registered in 1983 under the number of 1556 by the registry office of companies & non-commercial institutes.

Its activities were a source of different services after 20 years with the help of God and work of organizers of Sarvar's institute. They constructed Sarvar specialty polyclinic in square of Tanbacoochi and the building of the sub specialty medical center of Sarvar’s children that has been founded in the place of Dr. sheikh hospital. That center was given to MUMS as one sub specialty educational & treatment center for children.

Sub specialty medical center of Sarvar’s children (Dr. sheikh hospital) at one look:

This center was established in 1996 in Taheri Street, in a land with area of 5638/25 m2 with 7500 square meters in its buildings with the purpose of providing therapeutic specialist & sub specialist services for children.

The activities of sub specialty medical center of Sarvar’s children (Dr. sheikh hospital)

This center includes specialty & sub specialty sections, pediatric surgery ICU, dialysis, hematology, neurology, nephrology, oncology, emergency ward, and operation room. There are earing & pharynx clinics, urology, infections, hematology, nephrology , skin, psychiatrist, surgery, and neurosurgery.

Para clinical facilities of this center include laboratory of pathology, radiology, sonography, echocardiography, electro encephalography. The pharmacy of hospital is open 24 hours a day with the purpose of providing medicinal services to all outpatient & hospitalized patients. It's noticeable that most patients who are treated in this center are patients affected with anemia, cancers, kidney disorder needing dialysis, chemotherapy

Another center that is working under sub specialty medical center of Sarvar children is Sarvar Clinic located on Panjrah Street, in Mashhad. This center is serving patients with Thalassemia and Hemophilia and is a therapeutic, educational, research center for special patients.