Hemophilia center

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Introducing Hemophilia Center in Iran

This center was founded for more than 0.5 million people including men, women, young, old, poor & rich people who only 6000 of them have been identified. This center is an official member of World Hemophilia Federation. It is a non-governmental organization.

This chartable organization is working with the help of benefactors as a helping hand of government for health, treatment and forecasts as a clear direction for the future of these patients with attraction of financial & spiritual supports. This center has decided to establish agency offices in different cities of Iran for organizing and improving therapeutic services for hemophilic patients. The members of central council of this initial group of Mashhad center is selected in 1999 after holding general collection of Khorasan’s hemophilic children for one period of two years.

Hemophilia center

  1. Inviting specialists from Medical University in Mashhad for hemophilic patients. These experts who are honor members of this center are accepting and treating hemophilic patients for free.
  2. For the first time in country, a new system of distributing factor was defined with the help of treatment deputy and initiative of the officials of particular patients in Khorasan (Dr. Sabbagh; Mr. Hoseini and protection of province ’s hemophilic center). In this system of distribution, one or two specialist physician and one nurse are introduced to patients as a connector of therapy officials in any town.
  3. All hemophilic patients of Khorasan were happy that fortunately no HIV was reported. 60 cases of positive HCV have been identified 10 of which were treated in Tehran. For all of them, necessary tests were done for the orthopedic situation of patients.

Center objectives

  • Solving therapeutic & medicinal problems of hemophilic patients
  • Educating patients and their family
  • Publishing books and educational articles for families of hemophilic patients
  • Financial, spiritual helps & providing work and income for hemophilic poor families
  • Paying subsidy to students
  • Preparing stationeries & clothes at the beginning of educational year
  • Preparing cloths at the end of February as a new-year-gift to patients
  • Identifying hemophilia carriers and the prevention of the birth of hemophilic children
  • Avoiding genital disabilities with on-time therapy
  • Paying insurance expenses for head of patients under 18 years
  • Cooperation with society of dentistry for the prevention of transmittable viruses through blood
  • Supporting the one's affected with diseases using blood and blood productions
  • Providing research expenses for the cases of hemophilia & other clotting disorders
  • Attending international organizations and societies and holding national & international seminars
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