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Pharmacy of Sarvar Clinic

Pharmacy of sub specialty center of Sarvar is providing services similar to other pharmacies. It is noticeable that drugs of thalassemic & hemophilic patients are prepared free for them.

 Laboratory of Sarvar Clinic

It provides the following tests:

  1. Hematology

C.B.C. with a computer (Platelet- MCV-MCH-MCHC-HCT-HB-RBC-WB) morphology of blood cells, considering parasites, group of blood and RH-PT-PTT-BT-CT- test of globulin (OFT)-cold agglutination-sickling test, match cross, electrophorus of blood Hemoglobulin

  1. Biochemistry

Glucose, BUV, crate nine, uric acid, cholesterol, threeglycerid, LDL, HDL, bilirubin (total, direct, indirect), magnesium, choler, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, CRK, iron, TIBC, ferritin, albumin, total protein, GPT (ALT)-LDH-ALK PHOS SGOT (AST) and amylase

  1. Serology

ASO-VDRL-Wright-combs wright- 2 ME-widal-CRP-RF- preg test

  1. Urine test

Biochemistry of urine, microscopy of urine

  1. Parasitology & mycology Test

Smear of excrement (considering RBC-WBC-egg of parasite, cyst, ameba) enzymic & biochemical tests of excrement (enzyme of tripcin, unsaturated fats, sugars, PH, considering dermal fungus and object of lishmen)

  1. Hormonology


  1. Immunology


  1. Microbiology

Cultures of (blood, urine, excrement, liquids of body, wound, secretions of ear & eye, Sino vial, pharynx), CSF

  1. Biochemistry and cytology of body’s Liquid

Spinal fluid, liquid of pleura, peritoeneun, Sinovial, pharynx, Papa nichola smear


  • Clinic of particular patients
  • Dermatology clinic
  • General Clinic
  • Dentistry Clinic
  • ENT Clinic
  • Hygiene and Family planning Clinic
  • Mother and Child Unit
  • Family Planning Unit
  • Midwifery Unit
  • Hygiene connectors
  • Holding Educational classes of health cares
  • Vaccination


Mother and Child Unit

Taking care of 0-6 years old children

Controlling weight and height and around head of children

Providing hygienic medicines including iron drop, vitamin

Doing ORT corner

Instructing the importance of mother's milk

Instructing the quality of starting supplementary nutrition

Examining mouth & teeth of children


Family Planning Unit

Providing the birth control equipment

Putting IUD

Papsmear test

Providing pamphlets for family planning

-Health Providers

Educating pregnant mothers

Educating mothers

Instruction of supplementary nutrition and importance of mother’s milk

Teaching family planning

Educating Health Providers

Educating personal hygiene in schools

Examining thalassemic & hemophilia patients

Doing periodic tests for particular patients

Injecting patients’ blood

Hepatitis clinic for recognizing people infected with hepatitis and treating them

Pre marriage Consultation

Telephone consultants for Thalassaemia patients

Mashhad university of medical sciences Dr. sheikh hospital subunits