Hemophilia Thalassemia Clinic (Sarvar)

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Educational, therapeutic and research center of Sarvar specialty polyclinic:

Sarvar specialty clinic has started its activity since 1985. The benefactor, Mr. Alizadeh, an engineer, has founded it for the use of society’s needy people and selected his mother’s name (Sarvar) for it.

This center has been founded in a space with an area of 2500m2 and a big green yard of about 2000m2. The building of clinic has three floors and each floor is about 800m2. This center has been under Dr. Shariati, Shahid Hashemi Nejad, and Dr. Sheikh hospital from the time of establishment. When it was a subset of Shahid Hashemi Nejad hospital, second shift of clinic was set up.

Future objectives:

  • Concentration on particular patients
  • Providing specialty services for all provinces’ special patients
  • Recording computer information of special patients
  • Radiology
  • Sonography
  • Physiotherapy
  • Audiometrics
  • Optometry