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Iran Thalassaemia Council

Iran Thalassaemia Council has been formed in 1989. This council is one official constitution receiving no budget from any institute. The benefactors provide its expenses.

The objectives of council

  • Identifying disease and informing people about different cases (welfare, therapeutic and social matter)
  • Covering thalassaemic people in province and collecting statistics & information related to these people and providing it for related organizations
  • Improving & expanding the culture of prevention from birth of thalassemic child
  • Instructing therapy preventing undesirable complications of thalassemia
  • Informing officials and people about expansion of thalassemia gene in a society



Scientific, research, educational, therapeutic and welfare activities of managing board for 2000-2004 are as follows:

  • Student’s thesis by medical and dentistry students; educational seminars for physicians related to Thalassemia, Hemophilia with cooperation of thalassemia council and MUMS
  • Educational program for patients & their families in camps and Dr. Sheikh hospital
  • Iran Thalassaemia Council
  • Program for interest tree loans from Saderat & Melli & Mellat Banks for all thalassemic patients of Mashhad & other towns (Torbat heidarie, Sarakhs, Torbat jam & Neishaboor)
  • Paying new-year-gift until the end of 2003 by governor’s office from the institute of special patients
  • Sending Thalassaemic patients to camps in Baghrood, Ramsar and Golestan jungle
  • Holding the exhibition of thalassaemia with the help of Ministry of Health and Treatment, organization of blood bank, and educational center of children in Kohsangi Park
  • Holding Thalassemia festival due to 18th Ordibehesht, global day of thalassemia, for 3 consecutive years in Ibn-e Sina’s hall and Shahid FayyazBakhsh
  • Equipment for the center of Thalassaemia & Hemophilia in Sarvar clinic (refrigerator for blood bank, beds for transfusion section, radiography machine for dentistry, etc. by help of the benefactors)
  • Paying the expenses of needy and poor patients
  • Paying the expenses of recognition before birth (PND) by the council for prevention from birth of a thalassemic child
  • Paying the expenses of PCR for patients of hepatitis C

Thalassaemia council doesn’t have a fixed financial budget from any institute, even from Iran Thalassaemia Council. Paying above expenses are very difficult.