the board of trustees

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Mr. Kazem Alizadeh

Mr. Alizadeh, Kazem

The board of trustees of highly specialized medical center of Sarvar children:

We begin by the name of God, the Beneficent God and thank those with the pure thoughts of loving children and value this great ambition although we can't describe this intention by writing.
In regard to the establishment and donation of the specialized Sarvar poly clinic, higher specialized medical center of Sarvar children (Dr. Sheikh hospital) provides better medical services for applicants and pilgrims according to mutual agreement of a 15 year of experience due to cooperation of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences with Sarvar foundation for best managing of mentioned centers. The board of trustees includes: Chancellor of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences or his representative, treatment chancellor, administration chancellor, chief of hospital and 5 representatives from the board of trustees of Sarvar Foundation as the executive board are selected to undertake the handling of related issues and management method of mentioned centers.


Mr. Akbar Alizadeh

Mr. Alizadeh, Akbar